Smart: Manziel Not Doing Stupid Shit With Girlfriend Colleen Crowley

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Johnny Football doesn’t mess around with mediocre coeds. Not even above average hotties. Nope. If you’re going to be Manziel arm-candy, you’d better be a mega-babe. Colleen Crowley is a 10 (a fucking ten)…

But do you think Johnny Football is going to compromise his “I don’t give a shit” playboy persona just to bang an Instagram model? Not a chance.

There will be no buying tampons, no holding of the purse, no loofas in the shower, and certainly no stupid sing-alongs with the gals.

Here’s drunk-ass Colleen, with her drunk-ass friends, obnoxiously singing yelling “Sweet Caroline” back in July at Fenway. Manziel Entourage’r and ultra-bro Gareth “Captain” Kirk smokes Colleen with an elbow to the face.

More recent posts show no lasting damage to Colleen’s grill, or Manziel’s reputation.