Skinny LeBron James

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We’ve been telling you about the Lebron weight loss campaign and how he’s not eating carbs this summer. It appears, from what we can see that LeBron is now 6’8 and what looks like 220, down from his 240 listed playing weight.

And this is what you get.

I’m all for losing a few pounds here and there, but wasn’t he supposed to be the biggest physical freak in the NBA? What am I missing with this weight loss kick? I can see if you’re 5’10, 240. You might want to lose a few before you have a heart attack.

What does Weight Watchers say is the ideal height/weight for a 6’8 male? The calculator only went to 6’7 so you can see a ballpark number for LeBron below. This doesn’t take into account that he has to bang against giant 6’11 beasts who want to crush him.

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