Funeral For Man Killed In Texas Crash Features LeBron Jerseys

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28-year-old Mesquite, Texas resident Chris Coronado was killed Friday when, at a high rate of speed, his truck struck the back of a semi, according to police reports. Coronado was pronounced dead at the scene. A big LeBron fan, one of his final messages on July 31 was a “LET’S GO CAVS” tweet.

As you can see above, Coronado was such a huge LeBron fan that his family paid tribute to him with LeBron jerseys and has spent the last day or so trying to get LeBron’s attention on Twitter via a barrage of tweets about the funeral and how big of a fan Chris was.

It’s one of the strangest reactions to a death I’ve ever seen.  You can see all the tweets to LeBron tweets here.

Look, I understand that a tweet from LeBron would mean the world to the family, but literally begging a guy hundreds of times and sending photos of a funeral featuring his jerseys isn’t the best look.


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