Meet Michigan State QB Connor Cook’s Sister Jackie — She’s From Hinckley

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Now I know a lot of the frequent Busted Coverage readers may be familiar with the older sister of Connor Cook the local star from Hinckley, Ohio but we thought we would get the new readers up to date on some of the local babes from Cleveland.

Meet MsJackay aka Jackie Cook who is the older sister of the quarterback star from Michigan State.  From what we can tell from her Instagram account Jackie has been living the life. It appears this summer she has been on trips to Spain, Toronto, Italy, Florida, oh and Chicago.  I am not sure what MsJackay does but she seems to be living one hell of a life in just her bikini and roaming exotic places.

There is one thing that she loves to do and that is take pictures of her ass.  Now I know the men of Cleveland will not complain about that so a gallery is below of her most recent pictures on Instagram.