Uh Oh — Johnny’s Girlfriend Being Disloyal In Dallas?

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What the hell does Colleen Crowley think she’s doing with just weeks to go in the NFL preseason? Did she really go out last night bar hopping with a new “Dallas BAE?” Would she really do this to Manziel, who is battling his ass off for the Browns starting job?

She went from being his girlfriend giving him a virtual kiss last weekend after a nice preseason start, to hanging with some bro in Dallas while John gets ready for Washington. Bullshit move, jersey chaser.

Maybe these dudes are actually gay and Colleen and her sister figured they’d be fun to hang with for the night because they would care less about sleeping with them. It’s possible, I guess.

There definitely needs to be clarification from Crowley on what went down last night because Johnny really doesn’t need the distractions from BAE and her sister while he’s in a war with Hoyer.

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