Browns Fan JennRocksCle Fell In Love With Manziel

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Meet JennRocksCle.

Some of you already know the buxom “model, sports enthusiast, entrepreneur, promoter, entertainer and sneakerhead” from her Twitter account (@JenRocksCLE) where she’s usually showing off cleavage in a Cleveland sports team shirt. Let’s just say that if you aren’t following Jenn, you really aren’t doing Twitter right because she actually talks sports while mixing in the cleav.

The big story out of Jenn from last night came when John went middle finger on the Redskins.

She tweeted:

I think I fell in love with

That’s exactly what you want if you’re Browns management. If Manziel won over JennRocksCle via a middle finger, he’s your quarterback. But, you don’t start the season with him as your QB. As I’ve said over and over, you let Hoyer fail the first three weeks, go into the bye announcing that the Manziel era is starting and roll into Tennessee on Oct. 5 with John.

Jenn would be fine with that decision. We’d be fine with that decision. John would have an extra week to prepare. It all just makes too much sense.

[photos via @JenRocksCLE]

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