Danny Salazar Trolling For Tail On Tinder [Update — He’s Married]

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Update: According to a May 12 story on Cleveland.com, Danny was married. Unless something drastic happened this summer, he’s still married.


Twins fan Megan Granger got an early wake-up call this morning when Indians pitcher Danny Salazar had a bathroom towel photo waiting on this Missouri broadcast journalism graduate. She did what any great journalist would do and took screencaps of Dan trolling for tail while the team is in town for a series against the Twins.

As you can see, the Tinder tail trolling began on Monday, a day off. It seems that the team plane landed and Dan was on the hunt. He started Sunday against the Orioles, going 5 innings and took the loss despite only giving up two earned. You can’t really blame the guy for possibly wanting to blow off some steam.

He did what any good Major League pitcher making $501,000 does when landing in Minneapolis. You send Megan (@magranger) a message. Megan didn’t elaborate if the relationship developed any further from the direct message stage. I’ll assume it didn’t.

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Salazar wasn’t the only member of the Indians looking for Tinder tail. Catcher Roberto Perez was also on the prowl. He loves baseball. Imagine that.