Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend In Cleveland For Bears Game

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It’s on, Cleveland.

Colleen Crowley, Johnny’s girlfriend is in the city and you know what that means. She’s tearing it up while watching Johnny throw a TD pass to tight end Jim Dray. John went 4 of 11 for 64 yards and the TD pass in the first half.

Crowley, a student at TCU, seems to be enjoying the First Energy beer prices, which have to be much lower than what she’s used to on the Houston club scene. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship between Crowley and Cleveland. Of course she’s not going to get the Texas club scene in Ohio, but she can stretch her booze money much further and can start to make this her city when she wants to slum it (in her mind) a little bit.

That keeps Johnny happy and makes him feel at home a little bit. He keeps his head in the upcoming long winter and things go smooth during his rookie year. Colleen Crowley right now is a very important associate member of the Browns.

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